Deep Leather


Deep Leather– a dark earthy mixture conjuring thoughts of animal hide, tangled roots and tobacco smoke.

Notes of: vetiver, birch tar, and thyme.

Inspired by perfumery’s roots, natural fragrances retain a life force incredibly complex and alluring. Perfume was not just a product but a way of being in the world that for centuries retained an aura of magic and mystery. Highly concentrated, the scents evolve on the skin uniquely in response to the body. Carefully crafted using natural essences, each scent extends from the desire to create smells in tune with aromas experienced within nature.

Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil and essential oils.*not all essential oils are listed in order to protect the formula.

All perfumes are 100% natural, free of synthetic fragrances and chemicals, alcohol, parabens and GMOs. They are vegan and not tested on animals.
Caution: essential oils are best avoided during the first trimester pregnancy.

10ml roll on amber bottle.